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Выкуп вещей

Ваша заявка отправлена, мы свяжемся с вами в ближайшее время.
Ох, что-то пошло не так :( попробуйте еще раз, если не получится, то напишите нам по электронной почте

We remove unwanted items

We will come and take all the items you don't need

We do it for free and we will even pay a small bonus to you

We brush up the items and find new owners for them

70% of the profit go to charity

Request items removal

We hold sales events

We sort the items received and spruce them up

We sell them at our garage sales and online store

We also cooperate with wholesale customers

More about the garage sale

About the Project

It is very likely that you have a heap of useless things at home and all you want is to sell them at a flea market. Or probably even a little more things that don't fit you and you are thinking of giving them to charity. Or may be some furniture and appliances that should have been thrown away a long time ago? Still, you don't feel like sorting the stuff, placing ads, bargaining, going somewhere and waiting for people, explaining to them how to get to your place, carrying bulky items, etc. Well, you know, it was my story. So I came up with the idea of ​​a service that would solve this problem. Just pile up everything you do not need and give us a call – we will come down to you and take it all away at one time.
Usually you need to pay to have your old furniture removed, but SVALKA does it all in a completely different way. It is us who are ready to pay a small bonus for your thriftiness right at the moment we haul your belongings away. Besides, we would like to make this world a better place, this is why we will donate part of the money we earn to charity on your behalf.

Alexey Barinskiy
Founder of "Svalka" project


We remove unwanted Items

We'll remove items from where you are located. All you need to do is make a request, book a convenient appointment and wait for our crew. We will take anything you don't need anymore: clothes, books, toys, old and broken appliances, furniture, dishes, just anything you want to get rid of. We will not just arrive and collect the items - we will pay you a small bonus for your thriftiness, for participating in our project and making the world better.

  • We remove anything, absolutely anything, except for junk. If you want to have your junk taken away, please turn to a specific junk removal company.
  • We take unwanted items. If you want to sell them at a market price, you'd better use other services, like Avito.

We get everything in order

We sort items by categories, wash dishes, go through the clothes and disinfect them with a quartz lamp, group books by authors and genres, fix the appliances (if it is possible) and wash and clean shoes. When we sort the items, we
separate things that cannot be sold, send them for recycling, use them to create the new ones or dispose of them in a fun way


We sell things

The sorted and cleaned up items are sold out. We have a huge sales area, where we arrange garage sales every Wednesday and Saturday. Click here to learn more about our garage sale. We also have an online store where we display the most striking items. It is worth mentioning that we cooperate with numerous wholesale customers, like secondhand shops, used appliances and furniture stores, flea markets, companies, which recycle old clothes, scrap paper and metal or household waste.


We turn used items into something good

Proceeds from sales are used to pay for rent, maintenance of our warehouse and sales space, salaries of our employees and couriers. After we pay all the costs, 70% of the remaining funds are transferred to
We do not cooperate with charity organizations directly, because we have decided to let professionals do this type of job and Dobro copes fine with it.

Learn more

We cooperate

with wholesale customers

We offer different types of cooperation with bulk buyers of items, furniture, appliances, dishes and interior objects - simply anything a person may have at home. We already collaborate with secondhand shops and other partners.

We work through сonsignment

You take the items you want without paying up front, display them at your store, set prices and sell them. Once a week you give us 50% of the sale proceeds. The items you could not sell can be sold on promos or with discounts. If they are not sold even then, you can come to us and exchange them to other items.

We accept only rubles

Fluctuations of exchange rates and low ruble are big issues for secondhand shops. As most of the items are purchased abroad, the settlements are made in euros or dollars and the items are sold for rubles. Svalka will help you forget about it. At the same time our items are in no way inferior in quality to those purchased abroad and their price is much lower.

We have a convenient system for choosing Items

We can agree on any system of item selection or purchase. We have options of selling things by weight, by volume, by the piece, just any way you want it.

We will back you up with PR support

We have about 10.000 subscribers in our social network groups and this number continues to grow. Every day about 1.000 unique visitors open our website.
Mainstream media write about us:

We will place your marker on our store locator map on Svalka website and provide you with PR support in our social network groups. You will get wider notice and significant customer inflow.

Icing on the cake – charity!

By participating in Svalka project, you help spread more good vibes in the world. Svalka gives 70% of
net profit to charity through fund.

For manufacturers of various cool items

You are welcome to use sales space and numerous business ties of Svalka to sell your goods. We will offer your items for sale and split the profit.

sales space for garage sales

We will provide our sales space for rent or on the terms of shared profit

publishing items at our online-store

We can publish your goods at our online store

+7 495 120–11–14


Q: What are the items I can give to SVALKA?

A: Simply any: clothes, furniture, appliances, interior objects, dishes, and so on. We say “ad so on” just because our imagination has run dry, but you are welcome to continue the list. :)

We do not remove junk, wastes, do not clean your apartment before renovation, do not dismantle sanitary ware and do not assemble items for you. In some cases we may help to disassemble a wardrobe to fit it into an elevator, but it depends on our crews' schedule.

Q: How do you set the "thriftiness bonus"?

As you know, we give a small bonus for thriftiness to those who order removal of unwanted items. Each removal request is unique and one cannot create a system, which could help clearly assess each case and set such bonus. We have general principles we use for assessment, and we also rely on common sense and some experience. Here are the principles:

• The minimum bonus is RUB 100 because you make the world better with us. We always give this bonus except for the cases below.
• First category of items is clothes, footwear, toys and books. We value such items at our minimal rate of RUB 100.   
• Second category of items is dishes. We value such items at RUB 100 for each box or plastic bag of average size (average size is a 600x400x400 cardboard box or a big bag from Auchan) 
• Third category of items is furniture. If the furniture is old (soviet sideboards, wall cupboards) we will pay RUB 200 for everything. If the age of the furniture is closer to the present days and it is in a decent condition, we will pay up to RUB 700-800 (if you attach a photo to your request. If you don’t, we’ll consider it a regular wardrobe of the soviet era).     
• Fourth category of items is appliances. We have no expertise to hold a competent appliance checkup, this is why we think that any appliance we remove is out of order (even if it turns on, the lamps light up or something inside keeps turning) and give same RUB 100 per item or RUB 500 at max for all items irrespective of their number.  
• Fifth category of items is knitting and sewing machines. We pay RUB 200 for each.
IMPORTANT! We pay the bonus not for the items you give. We assume that you don't need them and that's why you give the items to Svalka.
We pay a bonus to you personnaly for making the decision to give the things up to us but not to simply discard them.
We don't pay any bonuses for a small amount of clothes, footwear or books. A small amount means something smaller than an average box or plastic bag. Conversely, we can give you a higher bonus for the furniture or appliances in good condition. Each case is considered individually.
All valuables are BOUGHT and appraised individually. They include: antiques, working gadgets and appliances, high qualty furniture, accessories and fashion jewelry made of precious metals.

Q: What happens to my items next?

A: Thanks to our multiple-stage system, each item is brushed up and restored. After it we sell them in thematic and regular communities.

All the items received by SVALKA are broken down into 3 categories:
1. A thing-in-itself. This is the category of items, which after getting fixed and restored may be of interest for antiquarians, book
dealers, may be put up for auction, and, in general, may have a certain value
2. An item for one and all. Clothes, footwear, furniture, jewelry, appliances and many other things, used, but in good condition. We wash them, dry clean, bring them back into shape and then sell at numerous garage sales
3. An unwanted item. Any junk that can not be fixed, or fixing costs more than the item is worth. Such items will be recycled in an environmentally friendly and fun way

Q: How fast can you arrive at my door?

A: Depends on our crews' schedule. Please call or write us and we will let you know, if we have any free couriers

Q: Do you travel beyond the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD)?

A: No, we don't travel beyond the Moscow Ring Road yet. We have a limited number of couriers, that's why we have made the decision to work within the city limits. Currently we are working hard to start providing services to our customers outside of Moscow.

This is a strict rule and it has no exceptions. Even if you live 300 meters from MKAD. The thing is that for us a person living
in  300 meters from MKAD is no better than a person who lives only 3 kilometers, 5 kilometers or 8 kilometers from MKAD. So, if we start making exceptions, it means we'll treat unfairly the people whose requests have been declined. Thank you for your understanding. There are laternative ways to transfer the items to Svalka. For example, you may arrange a delivery to our warehouse, and we'll give you a bigger bonus for that.

Q: Can I bring the things myself?

A: Sure. You can bring the items to the warehouse by yourself. To do this, simply let us know about it in the letter or agree on the time of your arrivel with one of our  managers.

Q: Which funds do you cooperate with?

A: The major part of the profit from our service will be transferred to charity organizations working with

Q: What is the minimum size of the heap that you can remove?

A: If you can fit the things into a backpack, you'd beter bring them on your own or send them to us via courier. We can compensate for the courier services from the bonus you are entitled to.